Stories from the Stethoscope: May 2020

Read the May 2020 edition of Dr. Powell’s monthly column: Stories from the Stethoscope.

I have treated hundreds upon hundreds of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).  Many of them in the hospital and in the intensive care unit.  I have been amazed by the magic within the I/DD diagnosis.  Most of them do not know they are sick and if they do know they are sick they do not dwell on the illness.  They want to go home, spend time with their friends, go to program, watch their shows, and smile.  Many times I would round on my patients in the ICU and remind the hospital staff not to count them out.  As sick as they were, they will surprise you and pull through more than you realize.  The non I/DD patients tend to dwell on medical conditions and illnesses.  Everyone wants a quick fix and a pill to get better. 

Now more than ever I want you all to think positively and believe in yourselves.  There was a study done a few years ago regarding the common cold.  Patients were given no medication, a placebo pill or echinacea.  The individuals who received no medication reported symptoms that lasted longer and were more severe than the other groups.  Patients who received a placebo pill (that did nothing to treat the cold symptoms) improved faster than those that received no medication at all.  The treatment of the COVID-19 is symptomatic.  There is no pill right now. 

Do not unnecessarily worry about the pill we do not have.  Embrace the power of our minds and bodies ability to heal.

I cannot predict if you will contract COVID-19.  I can tell you the statistics state you will recover. I can also tell you the data supports those with a positive mindset will do better than those who don’t.

Think healthy my friends!

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