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To Provide primary and preventative healthcare services to residents of specific areas of Suffolk county with a focus on low income, medically unserved and underserved individuals.

Patient Success Story – Carl Rivers

Carl Rivers is a LISH patient whom has been seen for speech and language therapy since September 2016.  The transformation in Carl since the onset of his treatment has been amazing. Carl’s Clinical Speech Pathologist, Steve Asofsky, MA, CCC-LSP remarked that when Carl first came for treatment he: lacked confidence, as he didn’t make eye contact; would mumble a few words, and spoke in a low volume (whisper).


After successfully working with Steve, Carl has become a much more outgoing individual. He is now able to use a more appropriate vocal volume (conversational level), articulates his words, enjoys socializing, and engages in spontaneous discourse.  At the onset of therapy, Carl worked at McDonald’s twice weekly where his role was to collect and clean the trays, take out the garbage, and clean the bathrooms and floors.  He now works four of the busiest days where his duties have expanded to include making french fries and apple pies. Perhaps a more notable accomplishment includes the responsibility to assist McDonald’s customers at the drive thru by directing them towards one of two lines to go thru.


LISH staff members recently visited Carl at work to see him in action. Carl was beyond elated and described the many job duties that he clearly performs with pride.  Following the visit, he was able to join said staff for a delicious lunch. Carl exudes enviable enthusiasm and joy when working. In fact, he has become so independent that he is able to take the bus to work. Carl Rivers, once a shy individual has transformed into a confident, engaging, and social man with purpose to his life.

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